PHP 5.2 Will not be Supported from OXID eShop Versions 4.8 and 5.1 on

We will still publish OXID eShop Enterprise Edition version 5.1 and OXID eShop Professional and Community Edition version 4.8 during this autumn. We would like to mention that with this release, we will be dropping the support of PHP 5.2.

The end of support for PHP 5.2 was already earmarked in December 2010. This means that PHP version 5.2.16 is the last release in this series, and will not be developed any longer. In other words: PHP 5.2 is already three years old.

We’ll drop the support for PHP 5.2 in OXID eShop all editions in the following manner:

  • We will not test OXID eShop in a PHP 5.2 environment any more.
  • Our coding style is still 5.2 compatible. Therefore it will most likely still work with 5.2 setups. OXID eShop Enterprise Edition 5.1 & Professional and Community Edition 4.8, most likely still work properly with PHP 5.2: we have now stopped officially supporting it. Starting with the next major release of OXID eShop we will use PHP 5.3 language features.
  • We will stop the maintenance – this means fixing bugs – in OXID eShop and will not build workarounds related to PHP 5.2.
  • We will stop delivering Zend encoded versions for PHP 5.2. Instead we’ll deliver Zend encoded files for PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4.

Before you update your PHP version please make sure that you possess OXID eShop Professional or Enterprise Edition with the correct files encoded for the new PHP version. In doubt, please turn to our support team. Please also make sure that the modules you use are encoded correctly for the new PHP version – otherwise please turn to the vendor of this module.

Please note that this change is not intended to generate more work nor to annoy anybody. Dropping the support for PHP 5.2 is a necessary step to avoid the vulnerability caused by using an outdated software environment. Also we would like to explore the myriad of possibilities of a more modern software development with PHP 5.3 and higher.

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    • Marco Steinhaeuser says:

      Well, they say that this version will still receive security fixes in the next year. I don’t see a reason to ditch the support for it right now.

  1. Jonas Hess says:

    Really? They recognize php 5.2 as outdated.
    Can anybody explain to me why it is still the default version of php in case of eFire Portlets or did that fact change?

    Even with the eFire Connector, they are still not able to offer alternatives or determine your proper version.

    You cannot imagine how much of my lifetime was wasted by simply providing me the wrong version of a portlet.

    • Marco Steinhaeuser says:

      Strange to write to someone’s blog post in the 3rd person but I am flexible. He is probably talking about the offered download of modules needed for some OXID eFire portlets. Actually its not easy to find out how many users are using which PHP version, even with the eFire connector as it is not prepared to do the job. That’s why we offered PHP 5.2 versions by default as we had the feeling that many users are still using it. This is explained in every installation manual that comes with the software packages, as well as the place where to download alternative versions. Sorry it took that much of his lifetime.
      We announced that the support for PHP 5.2 will be dropped with the next upcoming major releases of OXID eShop. Most likely we have to change the behaviour of the OXID eFire module downloads as well – thank him for this good point.

  2. Bob Byte says:

    So an update from 4.7.6 CE to 4.8 on php 5.2 wouldn’t be a problem anyway ?
    I could change to php 5.3.18, would that be better to do so before updating ?


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