Reorganizing support

We are currently in the process of optimizing our support services. Let me share with you what we are currently up to.

How You Will Benefit from OXID Going Open Source

When I first heard at internal meetings that OXID will go open source, it took me about three days to roughly realize, what actually it means to my company and to the whole open source eCommerce world out there.

OXID at PHP Conference 2008

Back from the PHP Conference 2008 I would like to share some impressions with you. For me as a non-developer it’s always quite impressive.Not only the relaxed and concentrated atmosphere there, but also the concentration of interesting people from the PHP world, old friends and also new contacts.

What’s new

After two years of massive refactoring, we finally come up with the 4th generation of the OXID eShop. Together with that, some new structures and workflows have been introduced to our company for improved quality management as well as new patches, updates and upgrades can and will be released in a very short frequency.

OXID goes commercial Open Source!

 As I promised a few days before, besides the launch of OXID eShop 4 there will be another little surprise… OXID eShop now is also available Open Source!

OXID Partnerday 2008 Plus a Half Night

Going to bed at 3 o’clock last night, after celebrating with our partners I feel unexpectedly good today!

Maybe this is up to our partnerday yesterday, which was a really amazing event.

Take a look at the slideshow!